Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Comments and Suggestions...

Do you see those "for comments and suggestions, write/call us at..." in food labels?

I'm the kind of customer who always writes them back. Always. Call me weird but I just love talking to customer representatives, commenting on their new packaging, complaining on the services. Everything there is to comment about. Maybe I got that from my Service Marketing class in college. I never want to get less than what I'm paying for. So even in restaurants, I'm such a pain in the ass.

Last week I had this random desire to write a company. I sent an email to Nestle Philippines who manufacture Chuckie. It's a chocolate drink and I've always loved it since I was a kid. (It was not called Chuckie then.) I had a "problem" with its straw, which they changed to make it more fun, supposedly. But it wasn't fun at all. The straw that should be able to extend, most of the time, is detached, which leaves me and my dad having to drink from just half of the straw. So I wrote them saying I like the old straw better. And I was happy they wrote me back saying they would consider my suggestion on their next product planning.
Have you ever done something like this before? It may not be as strangely irrelevant as this, but I'd like to know if I share this habit with anyone else. =)


  1. Oh wow...that sounds interesting. Never tried that. But hmmm...I might one of these days.

  2. cool! i'm sure companies need people like you!!

    and i TOTALLY want to move to the philippines and design.. i think i would do well with the cheesy style as it's naturally my style too i think :D

  3. @ Mel - It's totally fun! I really suggest you try it even just for one time =)

    @ Floreta - I'm sure it's not that bad =) We'll be lucky to have such a talented lady here like you =)

  4. Like ChinkyGirLMeL said, it does sound interesting but I never tried to send contact any of the computers although I have read those labels. This post now may be think if there are other people like you that does the same thing. Never really paid much attention to those labels. Now you're making me think hehe :)

  5. I'm starting to feel I'm such a geek for being the only one to do that lol. Share me your experience if you've decided to try it =)


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