Thursday, February 19, 2009

When your efforts are not being recognized

Yesterday, I got all the check marks I've been dreading to see on my daily planner. It was a nice list with all the accomplished tasks. My sister and my brother whom I am working with in our business are off to vacation in Palawan & Boracay. Click here and you'll understand why I'm a little envious, aside from the fact that they left me with all their unresolved problems here.

Nevertheless, I've found some form of encouragement yesterday and was so enthusiastic with my work. Have you ever got that feeling that you are just truly satisfied with your day, as if you were the most diligent person in the world? Those check marks were simply rewarding.

Sadly, it took me just 24 hours to savor that feeling of fulfillment. This morning, somehow all the positive outlook seemed to escape me after I was robbed of that very nice feeling I was trying to hold yesterday. It was a total 180-degree turn. Thoughts of futile efforts, not being able to do my job well (with other people's standards, that is), and settling for little accomplishments (when in fact I have yet done anything based on other people's standards again) kept bugging me all throughout the day.

So I had to reorganize my thoughts before going to bed. I had to remind myself of my role and my purpose in everything that I do. I know if I let all these overpower me, I'd get nowhere. Initial thought. But how do I get out of it?

I'm still in that thinking process.