Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Library I Can Barely Remember

I’m checking a thesis paper of a bunch of college kids. Yes, instead of stretching my mind to think of marketing plans, I am checking the review of related literature of a thesis. It sucks all the energy out of me especially when I’ve had too little sleep last night. And seeing all the grammatical errors and incoherent statements does not help. And these kids texting me makes it a bit worse. Patience. Patience.

This study is about automating a current library system of their college, and I’m thinking: Your library isn’t automated yet??? It’s 2011! And I can already imagine how their library looks like. Card catalogs. Library cards. My heart goes for them. That’s just one among the many sad things in the educational system in third world countries. Not to mention that their school is a private one. But it’s good at least they are starting somewhere. They better get this approved and not just a pass to graduate.

Anyhow, my brain cannot accommodate being concerned with the outdated condition of the educational system in the country. I’ve read too much bar code system and information system in the paper my brain is about to explode. If it were about psychology, I might have been a little more interested.

So, reading their paper makes me recall what my college library looks like. I guess I can’t help comparing. I’ve been to the library once in a while. Borrowed books for my own pleasure. I guess that’s where I first read Og Mandino’s work. I used to hang out there to study. Yes, I was one of those students who actually made it a point to study.

Ten years ago, we already had an automated system and I believe it was already functional even when my sister was going there. So that makes it 18 years or so. Well, that university would always be ahead in terms of technology. Anyway, our library was cozy and uh, well, quiet of course. And very, very, very cold. That made the place a favorite spot of sleepy students who pretended to be swallowed up in reading, but actually… you know what I mean.

It was easy to locate the books as we had a system to identify where they were located or if there were still any copies available. And there were different sections in the building. We had Cybernook downstairs where there was always a clamor for a computer spot. Friendster days made it difficult to find an available slot. On the fourth floor was the Filipiniana section. I had to go there too for my Literature papers etc. There was also a section for all the back issues of newspapers, magazines, etc. Some were still on hard copy, and some were already on a film copy. It was also fun searching for articles I cannot remember what for. The archives section is the least area I visited. When I got there first, fresh from the province, I didn’t even know how to pronounce archives! And I graduated with honors in high school. What a shame.

Of all the libraries I have ever visited, I believe that library is one of the most organized and highly sophisticated ones. Back then, I used to think if I ever used the library enough. Well, the library fee that my parents paid was quite high. At least I should have utilized it.

Alright, back to the thesis. I have to finish this soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing With No Idea

I don't know how this post will turn out. I just feel like there are a lot of stuff going on inside my head and I need to have an outlet. I haven't written anything for a long time and the thoughts are just piling up already.

Thought #1: This morning I was taking a shower when I began talking to myself (like I always do). I have the tendency to push myself hard and have high expectations from myself. That's why I get anxious often. I want to get things done and on time, and I stress myself on thinking how to do that.

Right now, I am working at my dad's business again. It's been a year since I decided to leave the business, and now I'm back. Anyway, I don't have the time to explain why I ended up helping out here again. My concern is just to groom someone who could be like me to take care of the marketing side of the business, so I can have the liberty to do the things that I really want to do without being guilty of being selfish and leaving my family in the middle of a need.

Anyway, going back to this morning's shower, I decided to be easy on myself. It's only Thursday. I don't need to rise a marketing executive in just 4 days. Maybe I'm just getting a bit impatient. So.... whew... I'm calm...

Thought #2: Working in the business and the church is harder than I thought. Setting the priorities and managing my time? Ugh, I get sleepy at 8:30pm! I feel I'm getting tensed each day. Tomorrow I was told I need to go to the finance officer of the church to absorb the responsibility of our finance from her. (head spinning)

Let's see what happens. I think I'm just getting too overwhelmed with wanting to be good in everything I do that I end up not being able to perform well at all.