Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Where I Was Wrong

Last night, I had a heated petty debate with my brother about the 1994 Ms. Universe Pageant. (Talk about nonsense sibling fights.) He insisted that Charlene Gonzales was part of the Magic 6 while I argued she was only part of the top 10 and that there was no Magic 6, only top 5. I was so confident and boasted that I'd be proven right in any court in the country. With the intention of making him concede, I stressed out that the ranks in the pageant were from the Miss Universe title down to 4th runner up which logically made it top 5. We went on "no I'm right," "no, this is the case" and even held my sister as the judge. Luckily, my sister's favor was on me, making me more confident with my stand.

Finally, just to make me feel he won't give in, my brother blurted he would even pay P1,000 for it. I got thrilled and agreed on it right away. I ran to the computer and was ready to google it when he immediately backed off saying he wouldn't risk his money for that bet. Dissatisfied but feeling triumphant, I no longer bothered to look it up on the net.

After a while I was guilty for giving in to the bet knowing that God wouldn't be so happy with it. I was asking myself what kind of Christian I am for allowing such a petty debate provoke me to want the credit for winning.

I was already on my quiet time before going to bed when I felt him peeking into my bedroom. I guess he couldn't take that I somehow won the argument. I overheard him asking for me and telling my sister that it was really a magic 6.

I laughed at myself and silently thanked God. I knew he made my brother back off or I'll lose P1,000 which I am supposed to add to my savings for my Cebu trip. I felt great knowing that God made a way to stop such a nonsense bet that clearly was not pleasing to Him. Amazing!

Really, God can work in our life, even in the most nonsense details of it, if we are sensitive enough to feel Him.

I’m still waiting for my brother to bring it up and tell me right to my face that he was right. Now, I wouldn’t care less. Haha.