Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Frat Encounter

LG Meeting: May 23, 1pm at Laurel Park. So I was there at exactly 1pm...or maybe not...I may have arrived 2 minutes after one. I was busy reviewing the topic for LG for a good 30 minutes when a group of men passed by. Not that they had my interest at all. So I went back to reading. I was enjoying my solitude when another guy, alone this time, walked near my personal space with his MP3 playing some loud songs I wouldn't dare figure out. He looked at me and went on his way. Okay. Now I had my peace back. I didn't really notice the group I was supposed to meet was nearing an hour late, until this guy approached me, trying to be cool and all that, and asked me why I was alone etc etc. I tried to answer as casually as possible. Seeing all my books and the bible, he began asking me about Christianity and my faith. He was starting to get on my nerves asking me a bunch of questions showing no interest at all on the answers, when two other guys came. Great. Now I had more audience. The new guy seemed more reserved and was actually listening to me lecture (for the lack of a better term coz I may have seemed to be really lecturing), while the other one was not interested at all. He just sat there with his back on me. The first guy however, kept his Mr.-Know-It-All aura and a good deal of arrogance. I didn't really want to answer any of his questions with that attitude, but I tried to be polite and extend some form of compassion. He kept on throwing objections and ridicule when I noticed his black shirt with an imprinted name of a well-known fraternity. So I dropped the lecturing tone, and had nothing left to do but smile...and make a quick HELP ALERT to my beloved LG. And after a while, at long long last, they came to rescue me. Yay! But the guys interrogating me had already left just seconds ago. Amazing they came all at the same time, as if they were just hiding somewhere, watching me and when I was a bit scared enough they just appeared to say "Surprise!!!" Seeing them gave me an enormous amount of relief. And so I cried. Not out of fear guys ha, but out of relief. I had to include the crying part, kasi yan ang highlight para sa mga heroes ko hmpf! Really, we can never expect when or where people such as these frat members would approach us and question us about our faith. I wonder what it's going to be like in the end days where we will be forced to renounce our faith. We, believers, don't have to satisfy their questions nor enter into a debate with them. But we ought not to be intimidated by their egotism nor fear their "power." We always have those people to count on (yihee thanks guys!) and of course a more powerful God to back us up.

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