Monday, February 5, 2007

So What's Important?

Earlier this afternoon, I saw a little girl waving at all the jeepneys passing by, but none of them seemed to notice her. Maybe because she was so small (but with the huge bag she was carrying? it was impossible.) I was so dumbfounded at the sight of that little girl. Very brave. She was about 8 years old, and instantly my mind drifted 15 years back.

I live just about 150-200 meters away from my school back then, but i always had someone to walk me to school and carry my bag for me. I couldn't even leave school at 5pm if my "sundo" was not there yet and i would cry if it took her too long. (Brat?) I

never rode a jeep alone up until i was in my freshman year in college (and was forced), since my dad wasn't able to drive me to school as often. My dorm in college was even just across the street! (Nevertheless, with all the job-hunting-always-lost-in-ayala episode of my life, i can say im now a pro :D)

Well, with that 5-second sight of that girl (the road was under construction so it took us that long to totally pass her by :D), i just realized many of us ask for so much in life, and forget about the small stuffs that make each moment much more meaningful. Sometimes, when we look back, those small stuffs are even the most important things that we remember. We get frustrated when our car gets a flat tire, but we don't get to realize, that in one filthy part of the world, a little girl can't even have a ride home.

Shoes that cost you your entire salary would soon be off the trend. Movies that you weren't able to watch only lasted for 2 hours. Achievements that was once applauded would soon be forgotten. But a simple sorry to someone whom you hurt will make a huge difference. A plain i miss you to someone you deeply care about will brighten someone else's day (or maybe an entire week haha). A simple hug to someone who felt alone at a certain point will be forever remembered. It's how you lived your life and how you were able to touch people's lives that will matter in the end of it all.

Just something to think about. =)

I don't know how my contemplative mood got that far. Hehe.

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