Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wall Street

The news of Wall Street’s beginning of recession is everywhere. Investment house, Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy while 158-year old giant bank, Merrill Lynch sold itself to Bank of America at about $50 billion. Now everyone’s worried on its global effects, US having the dominant grip on global finance.

Now don’t expect me to give an in-depth analysis of this. I’ve worked in a bank before but I barely recall the significance of these stuffs in my life. Besides, I’ve read it on the paper just this morning. The only thing that roused my interest of course is its effect on me.

Local banks are also affected by this drop in the US stocks. Philamlife had to assure its troubled investors, including me, of their stability despite the financial difficulties of its major shareholder, AIG. And I think the investors of Philamlife or its subsidiaries could pacify themselves a bit by looking at its investment portfolio which is heavy on Philippine government securities and corporate bonds.

Anyway, as I was reading the newspapers and blogs today, it wasn’t only the news per se that absorbed all my interest allotted for today. Seeing these people so engrossed with relevant matters as this led me into thinking what on earth I am consuming my time with, while everyone else is busy with the world’s concerns.

I once dreamed of becoming a journalist or a novelist. I’ve always wanted to write something that would impact other people. I don’t know if this is just one of the many things I’m planning to do with my life. I mean, I planned to become a lawyer at one point. I planned to become a teacher and establish my own school for cute little kids. And now I, myself, am not certain if this is for real or is just a product of my active mind today.

However, I still believe that when you put your mind into something you want, you’ll be able to make it happen. Let’s just see if there’s gonna be a Plan D or am I gonna stick with this.

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG – yey!

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